Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is a Co-Working space?

    This is a very important question! Coworking is a workplace where people work together but differently. Unlike a traditional office, coworkers here are usually not employed by the same organization. The users of such a place are a mix of freelancers, startups and even big companies.
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    Are your memberships really month-to-month?

    Yes. Our flexible hassle-free services help you expand your business as much as you want. Get a month to month membership or become our long-term customer, call us at (+91) 9667797391 to know more.
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    Are we allowed to transfer to another Start Coworks location?

    If the location of your choice has an available seat, we would be more than happy to serve you there.
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    What are your working hours?

    The new generation loves to work at a time of their choice. This is the reason why we stretch for longer hours so you can start early and stay till late. Work the way you love!!
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    What facilities do Start CoWorks Plans Provide?

    Cafeteria: Our Office Provides Local area network (LAN) that interconnects computers in the whole office Space. We also have high Speed Unlimited Wifi Access.
    Unlimited Wifi: Our Office Provides Local area network (LAN) that interconnects computers in the whole office Space. We also have high Speed Unlimited Wifi Access.
    Conference Room: Access to Conference room to meet and greet your clients or schedule your interviews there. You can book the conference room online or Offline.
    Furniture: Be it a private Cabin or a dedicated Desk, every plan includes beautifully designed Desk and a chair which not just lets you work but also take care of all your comforts.
    Printer: Our multi-user Printer lets you print/Scan/Copy all your important documents.
    Event Hosting Space: We provide you with a flexible and an adaptable space to unbox your creativity. Organize your events with us and we will make sure to look after all your requirements to make it a memorable experience.
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    What Memberships do you offer?

    Hot Desk: Not sure about your work timings and duration? Visit us anytime and let the hot desk serve your business. Hot desk is also popularly known as open desk. These spaces aren't reserved for anyone and heartwarming welcomes you on first come first serve basis.
    Dedicated Desk: Want your personal desk with no hustle and 24x7 access in a comfortable workspace? Not a problem! Through our dedicated seats you can access your work space anytime without anyone else using your space!
    Private Office: Got a team of more than 3 members? Try our private office services. A lockable, ready to move in private cabin that lets you work with zero outside hustle and no distractions.
    Meeting Room: Wish to host clients in a professional, private space? Or want to have an urgent team meeting to boost the Morales of your employees? Access our beautifully built meeting rooms today!
    Training Sessions: Spread your word, train and educate your target customers, stakeholders or students. Add groove to your training session by using our spacious cafeterias and workspaces and make it a memorable experience.
    Virtual Office Plus: Through our virtual office plus services you can not just share our office address as your office address but we will also receive your packages and couriers.